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Write about yourself: At what point did you become a (wo)man? Was there a precise moment when you knew? Did someone let you know? Was it a step-by-step process? Not there yet? Why? When will you know? What must you do? What is a “wo/man”?

My best quality is loyalty to that which is good to me; as soon as a system proves itself to be great to me, I will devote all I can to that system.

Be confident, but not cocky, arrogant.
What is my best quality?
How did I develop this quality?
Who else in my family or circle of friends has this quality?
In what ways do I prove I have this quality?
Tell a story with many details about a time I used, showed, or learned this quality.
In what ways will this quality help me throughout my life?
In what ways will I use this quality to help others throughout my life?
In what specific ways will this quality help me in college, career, marriage…?

My mom is my hero because she behaves selflessly and saintly even in the most adverse conditions.

What has your hero specifically done for you or for others?
Tell a specific story with details and literary devices about your hero’s heroism.
What symbols represent your hero’s qualities?
Which three adjectives describe your hero best?
How will you be/live out these three adjectives, too?
How should you thank your hero?
In your career, marriage, and general affairs, how will your hero’s influence help you succeed?

Jennifer M. Bean, Ph.D.
Director of Cinema Studies, Associate Professor in Comparative Literature, and Adjunct Associate Professor of Women's Studies at the University of Washington

jmbean@u.washington.edu (professor email address)
complit@u.washington.edu (department email address)
http://depts.washington.edu/complit/people/ (department internet address)

Dear Professor Jennifer M. Bean,

I am a high school student interested in learning more about media and film studies, especially dealing with gender theories. I am also really impressed by your department’s work, which I read about at your website. Currently, I am writing an essay analyzing a Stetson cologne advertisement that is particularly degrading to women. Soon, I will be writing a paper analyzing the roles/portrayals of women in popular films like Maid in Manhattan. Would you please enlighten me about what I should look for to improve my perspectives for my papers? What do you tell your students when you want them to use critical lenses?

Thanks sincerely for your time,
Brandon V. Alley

J. Michael Stovall
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